Solvang Photographer - Tips for the Most Successful Head Shot!

Apr 19, 2017

So you need a new head shot and you have been putting it off! I have the perfect solution for you! I do Head Shot Parties! I come to you and can photograph not only you but your team members  and employees. We can set up a small studio or use a location or even highlight your business as the background. I also schedule Head Shot Parties that are open to the public and you can come to me! Follow me on Facebook to find out times and locations!

Here are some of my favorite Head Shots! 

Tips To Remember!

1. Simple, fresh makeup! Wear a bit more then usual but keep it simple and don't over do!

2. Wear your hair the way you normally wear it. You want your headshot to look like your best you!

3. Wear solid color clothing! Colors that compliment your skin tones, hair and eyes. This is not the time for trendy clothing or clothing with designs and patterns.

4. Keep the jewelry simple and subtle, same with the ties.

5. Highlighting your business in the shot is a great idea! If you are going to use clothing with logos, make sure they are crisp, clean and new if possible. Choosing a unique location at your business for the background of your headshot is a great promotional tool.

Tips for the Most Successful Head Shot!
Simple fresh makeup and hair, solid dark colored jacket with bright white shirt (no patterns or designs)
Simple makeup, natural hairstyle
Simple makeup, natural hairstyle, solid dark shirt with her business logo, location is highlighting her flower business.
Makeup is natural and not overdone
Makeup is natural and not overdone, solid purple sweater is a great compliment to her dark hair and blue eyes, jewelry is subtle but shows her style, green outdoor settings offsets her coloring beautifully!
Well groomed beard and neat haircut
Well groomed beard and neat haircut, dark suit with subtle pinstripe, nice complementing shirt and tie (blue brings out his blue eyes), Background is outdoors adds a bit of casual feel to the photo.

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