Wine Tasting Club Card

Jul 23, 2018
Wine Tasting Club Card

About The Card

Your Wine Tasting Club Card entitles you to receive 1/2 off your wine tasting at all registered wineries, vineyards and tasting rooms for an ENTIRE YEAR.  The card will be embossed with one name on it and is good for only one person.

Link To Our Wineries

Just click on a winery of interest and you will be able to explore all the adventures they have to offer.  Keep updated with their events and get all the information you need about their wines and wine clubs.


We have partnered with charities and donate half the cost of the card to the charities that are registered.  If you are affiliated with a charity, you can register with us and we will be happy to partner with you.


You can choose to purchase one card or a second card for just 10.00 more.  You can also purchase a group of  five cards, great for gifts at a 49% discount.  Perfect for bachelorette parties.

You must be 21 years old to purchase a card.  Holding a card is not proof of age.

The Experience

Born out of our love of fine wines, Wine Tasting Club Card has developed an affordable way to taste wine at your favorite wineries.  We have partnered with wineries from different regions of California to offer you the best of wine tasting experiences.  

Become a member and you will be able to experience more tastings than you ever imagined.

This is an excellent way to find your favorite winery.  You will be able to keep up to date on all our partner wineries events, discounts and happenings.

Changing & Growing

Before you travel, make sure to check our website for any changes or added wineries. 

We are looking forward to planning tours for our members and getting our club members together for wine events in the future.


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