Family Struggling: What are the Impacts?

Oct 02, 2018

The Real Cost Measure (RCM)  2018 -*

According to the United Ways of California, 41,171 families (37%) in Santa Barbara County live below what it takes (the Real Cost Measure) to pay for household basics in our countywide communities. Unlike the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), which bases household costs primarily on food, the prices of which have not risen nearly as greatly as those of housing, transportation, childcare and health costs, the RCM estimates the income required to meet basic needs for a given type of household in a specfic community. 

Santa Barbara County families below the Federal Poverty Level total 12%, but in the fact 37% of County families fall beneath the RCM ($41,000 for family of two, $77,000 for family of two adults, one infant, one child.) What are the impacts of this on the families and also on services, taxes education, housing, workforce, and planning? This will be the focus of October 15th.  


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