Root 246 Open Thanksgiving Day for Dinner

Oct 26, 2018

Thanksgiving Menu

Open Thanksgiving Day

3:00pm -8:00pm

Root 246 offers a full menu of craft-based cuisine, one of the most extensive selections of local wines, whiskey and craft beer in the area and refreshing signature cocktails unlike anything you've tried before.

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Join us for dinner:
Tuesday – Sunday

    Amuse Bouche

    House marinated castelvetrano olives (GF, VEGAN, Veg)



    Candied Walnut and apple salad with point reyes blue cheese and apple cider vinaigrette (GF, veg, can be Vegan)


    Sugar Pie Pumpkin Soup with spicy peptias and maple crème fraiche (GF, veg, can be vegan)



    Smoked Organic Turkey Breast –brined with fresh bay and maple & Turkey Leg Confit

    Sausage and pear cornbread stuffing, roasted brussels sprouts with bacon, brown butter mashed potatoes and pan gravy (GF)


    Braised Beef Shortribs

    Whiskey glazed carrots and baby turnips, brown butter mashed potatoes and French fried onion (can be GF)


    Roasted Kabocha squash (vegan, veg)

    Local red wheat pilaf with sage and pecans



    Pumpkin Pie with almond crust and cinnamon whipped crème (GF, VEG)


    Chocolate brioche bread pudding with salted caramel (VEG)


    Smoked Apples and Lemon cornmeal cake (GF, VEG, vegan)


    $35 kids

    The backbone of Root 246’s menu is a commitment to American cuisine that is farm-fresh, delightfully simple, and above all...delicious. This mission is made easier by geography. Root 246 is located in the heart of Santa Barbara County, with its thousands of acres of farmland and vineyards, and proximity to the Pacific Ocean.

    Each day, the chefs at Root 246 take full advantage of all the region has to offer. The menu is a daily nod to the growing movement toward sustainable agriculture - a way of raising food that is healthy for consumers and animals, and does not harm the environment. With the focus on fresh, inviting, and comfortable cuisine, Root 246’s modern, state-of-the-art design and a knowledgeable and accommodating staff truly complement the menu. Guests will feel like they’re at home, whether they’re eating a burger, or indulging in a prime rib eye steak and a glass of wine.

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