Daylight Savings Time Adjustment: Caffeine or Nap

Nov 05, 2018

Daylight Savings Time Adjustment: Caffeine or Nap?


Daylight Savings time change, although a mere hour difference, seems to hit hard for adjustments.

You have a strong productive day, then hit a lull in the afternoon – somehow, you feel as if you’re energy fuel level is dropping rapidly.   As you review your action item list, what should you do? run to the closest coffee house or hit the couch?

Interesting report published in Psychology Today* included these tidbits on the benefits of a 20-minute nap:

“Just because you feel sleepy at some point in the afternoon doesn’t actually mean you’re sleep deprived. About eight hours after you wake up, the body’s temperature dips a little, triggering that oh-so-annoying drowsiness after lunch and smack dab in the middle of your attempts to focus and get more done in the late afternoon.

Why am I not surprised the nap wins out? For many reasons:
• Naps refresh you at a cellular level that-sorry, Mr. Joe and Soda-caffeine just can’t do.
• It’s easier to over-sleep than you think. Biologically, the body doesn’t necessarily need that extra sleep if you force yourself to sleep more at night. (And getting sufficient sleep doesn’t mean your body won’t go through the dip regardless; it’s a natural, physiological phenomenon tied more to your circadian rhythm than to your previous night’s sleep and potential sleep debt.)
• Caffeine can wear off (especially if you’re so used to it) whereas the benefits of a nap may charge your battery for a longer period of time. No one gets a “high tolerance” to napping.”

Soooo, there you have it!  the WINNER:  20-minute Nap to refresh your energy level and help you through the afternoon.  Isn’t this a great tip as we adjust to the Daylight Savings time change?

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*Psychology Today Article by Michael J Breus Ph.D., Sleep Newzz

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