Solvang Business Resources

Mar 23, 2020
Solvang Business Resources
On March 19th, 2020, the Governor of California ordered all residents to remain home, unless you were an Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker.
You can read the list of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers
Solvang Business Resources
Solvang Emergency Small Business Micro Loan
Solvang has authorized IMMEDIATE support to small businesses located in Solvang via micro-loans. Applications will begin on March 23 and funds will be available within 48 hours of approved application.
Please sign up for this program here
Other Solvang Business Resources
 Solvang Chamber of Commerce
Federal Business Disruption Loans
U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Economic Injury Disaster Loans
If you are a local business owner/operator, you may be interested in the SBA's Economic Injury loan program.
For more information, please click here
Economic Development Collaborative (EDC) Disaster Loan Fund
Economic Development Collaborative (EDC) is offering low interest micro loans from $5,000-$50,000 through their Disaster Loan Fund to give a cash flow boost to businesses impacted by reduced sales, supply chain disruption or other challenges related to COVID-19. Contact Marvin Boateng, Lending Manager to apply or for additional assistance navigating access to capital.
Women's Economic Ventures (WEV)
WEV will be offering loans soon. Please check the WEV website for updates. For WEV existing loans, you can apply for a WEV Quick Response Loan to request deferment for up to three payments. 
Contact Marni Brook at [email protected], [email protected]
or Marta Quintero at [email protected], [email protected] for more information
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