Retail & Dine In Restaurants approved Phase 2, Step 2

May 21, 2020
Retail & Dine In Restaurants approved Phase 2, Step 2
The Solvang Chamber is happy to share some good news with you this morning as we learned late last night that the State approved the County's Attestation to move further into
Phase 2B of reopening.
I've outlined what this means below. The Chamber is happy to hear that Phase 2B will allow Retail and Dine-in Restaurants to open again, under the guidelines provided.
Please note there are steps to complete and forms to submit prior to opening, so please follow the guidelines set out before you in the RISE guide and the links I have shared below. Also, these forms will be required by ALL Businesses even if you have been open thus far. So, two things you will need to do:
1) Complete the Business Attestation Form
2) Complete the Industry Checklist
This process is free and there will not be any inspections, unless large modifications have been made to your business.
RISE is the guidelines put in place by the County, so please refer to them as needed.
Congratulations on doing a great job to flatten the curve and working together to get our county open again. We still have a ways to go, as there are a couple more phases until we see complete openings, so we need to continue to be cautious and safe as we begin to open. We do not want to go backwards after working so hard to get where we are today.
We are here for you and continue to advocate for our business community. Please don't hesitate to call if you need anything.
Stay safe and stay well!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!
Health DEpt 833-688-5551
Santa Barbara County approve to
enter into Phase 2B - including
Retail and Dine In Restaurants
County Approved to Open into Phase 2B -
This includes Retail & Dine In Restaurants
The County of Santa Barbara's attestation to move further into phase 2 of reopening was approved last night by the CA Public Health Department.
What does this mean?
This will now allow retail shops and dine in restaurants to open under specific guidelines outlined in the RISE guide. This document is attached to the right of this text.
What do you do now to get open?
The County will be requiring ALL businesses, whether you've been open or are just now allowed to open, to go through a Self-Certification program in order to be deemed "approved" to open. You will need to fill out a Business Attestation Form and complete a checklist of items to show you are compliant with the guidelines to open.
This process will not cost you anything or call for an inspection, (unless you have made major modifications to a building or your operating model).
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