Vintners Application Process

May 28, 2020

Part I: Thank you all for sending your food service contracts and plans to the EHS to review.
Since talking with the Department of Environmental Services on Tuesday, they have been able to create an application process that can be found at the following link: You need to submit this application, even if you have already sent your forms to them via email.
Scroll down to the lower part of this page to the section beginning “New: Wineries and Breweries” There you will find a link to the application form. Complete the form with the two attachments (contracts and operating plan). The EHS is pursuing a very rapid turnaround, but you may be open this weekend if you have not heard back from them. 
Part II: I am going to sum up ALL the steps you need to take get your wineries and tasting rooms open now. We have been walking on shifting sands the past week and I know it has been confusing. 

1. Santa Barbara County
Go to this link and follow the steps on this page. The industry guidelines and plan that you complete are under the Dine-In option.
You must complete all steps on this page and print the Self-Certification certificate and hang it in your window, as well as keep the plan on-hand in your tasting room.

2. EHS
If you plan to serve food in your tasting room, you may do so under one (or more) of the following conditions. You must fill out this application and submit the fee to EHS.
Your food plan must include the process whereby you will ring up both food and wine on your POS system. (“Customers will get a ticket from the food truck which will be rung up in the tasting room…” “Caterer will be paid directly and customer will be charged for food at time of sale.”)

You may serve food if you:

  1. Have a food permit; (no need to complete the temporary application)
  2. Have a Host Kitchen permit; (no need to complete the temporary application)
  3. Have an agreement with a food truck; (must complete application)
  4. Have an agreement with a caterer; (must complete application)
  5. Have an agreement with a restaurant for real time food delivery; (must complete application).

3. ABC
If you want to temporarily expand your licensed footprint with the ABC, you must fill out the application under #14 on this ABC page, and also submit your food plan to serve bona fide meals. You must include your contract with the licensed food provider.
If you do NOT want to expand your footprint, you do not have to submit your food plan to the ABC anymore.
Part III: And for those of you patient enough to read all the way to the end of my emails, you now get to serve flights.  ;)



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