Wineries open June 12, 2020 SB Vintners information

Jun 11, 2020

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Director gave the go ahead for wineries to return to service on June 12th, 2020.
By now, you have probably tried to wade through the reams of paperwork required to re-open. I’ll review what you need to do, but let me start with the ABC, who gave me an update today.
If you would like to expand your licensed footprint, you must submit form ABC-218. As I mentioned before, ABC will be updating this form to REMOVE food. It will be available in the next couple of days. IF the form is not available by tomorrow, you may fill out the original form with food, and when it asks if you are contracting with another person, check NO. Then write in “Stage 3, No Food Required.”
You may take this form to the ABC late afternoon tomorrow, or early Friday morning. ABC has now clarified their statement that the phrase “issue forthwith” does NOT mean your license is effective immediately, but rather, it will be processed immediately. You may not operate on your expanded premises until you receive approval from them. This is different than what we had been told the other day, but they will do their very best to ensure you are ready to go for the weekend.
Make sure you also confirmed your expanded footprint with your city or the County.
The County has put the forms I told you about yesterday up on the website. You may now find “Wineries” under the Beverage Industry tab on this page. Follow their step-by-step direction to self-certify for re-opening.
Food is not required starting on June 12th. If you expanded your ABC licensed footprint when you applied for your food permit, you do not have to do anything. Just stop serving food and stick to your expanded footprint. Make sure you also confirmed with your city or the County.

YES, this is the return of proper tastings! A new glass is recommended for each pour, but it is understood this is probably impossible. Therefore, have your servers wear a mask when within six feet of a customer and do not let the bottle touch the glass.


Thank-you to all the infomation from SBC partnership 

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