Visit California Launches Responsible Travel Code

Jul 02, 2020

Visit California Launches Responsible Travel Code

Travel California. Respect California.
Visit California has launched a Responsible Travel Code based on that simple concept.
The code marries the imperative to travel safely amid the coronavirus pandemic with California’s ongoing effort to encourage visitors, tourism industry partners and Californians to create a sustainable and respectful environment for all.

The code is published on the newly launched as part of the Responsible Travel Hub, found at This resource demonstrates ways visitors can travel safely and responsibly and shares what businesses and communities across the state are doing to ensure the safety of their employees and guests.
These principles will have the greatest impact if they are broadly distributed, so please share on your social media channels, with other influential contacts and friends.
Go to Visit California’s toolkit for images, sample social media posts and a printable version of the code to share.


Visit California’s Travel Matters website continues to serve as an important resource on all things tourism, highlighting compelling stories and need-to-know information about California’s vibrant tourism industry. The site celebrates the history and economic impact of tourism in the state and showcases the efforts to promote responsible and sustainable tourism for a strong future. Visit to learn more and stay connected.

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