Introducing REACH 2030

Jul 06, 2020

Introducing REACH 2030

An action plan to reshape the region's economy
Introducing REACH 2030
Join us for the unveiling of REACH 2030 - an action plan of priorities and initiatives to spur job creation and transform economic opportunity in the region. You’ll hear from a slate of regional leaders on the strategic effort to confront our challenges and create a more prosperous Central Coast economy, as well as engage with participants over the course of the hour. We’ll also send you a digital copy of the REACH 2030 plan.

Jul 9, 2020 11:00 AM in

Thursday, July 9
11 a.m. to noon
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The region came together over a desire to create a brighter economic future for the Central Coast, one with more opportunity for more people. One where we can all thrive rather than struggle to get by. Then came Covid-19 and widespread economic fallout that has left few of us untouched.

A resilient economy has never been more critical. REACH 2030 lays out specific priorities and initiatives to drive job creation and transform economic opportunity in the region.
Join us as we kick the plan into action.

Keynote: Regions Rise Together

Egon TerplanEgon Terplan, a leader in the Governor’s Regions Rise Together initiative, will address creating a sustainable, people-first economy where opportunity permeates every corner of the region.

Terplan, now Senior Advisor for Economic Development and Transportation at the Governor's Strategic Growth Council, has long worked at the intersections of economic development, regional planning, transportation and workforce preparation. His background, which includes the Bay Area urban policy think tank SPUR, global consultancy ICF International and the New York City’s Mayor’s Office, informs his keen insight into the complex elements of a thriving economy.

REACH champions introducing the plan include

Rick Stollmeyer

CEO/Co-Founder, Mindbody Inc. 

Ryan Dunn

CEO, Mantis Composites

Sue Andersen

CEO, Marian Regional Medical Center

Nick Tompkins

Owner, NKT Commercial

Matthew Woods

Chief Revenue Officer, Apartment List
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