Our Essential Jobs

Jul 09, 2020

Our Essential Jobs
Kenneth Harwood
Solvang Chamber of Commerce
Close to half the employment in Santa Barbara County in April was in essential jobs. The economic importance of essential jobs was that in a time of stay at home orders, essential employees went to work.
Essential jobs made up 45 percent of 208,518 jobs in our county, while non-essential jobs were 55 percent of the total. April was the month in which people stayed home in greatest numbers.
Top sectors of industries in which essential workers were employed included 29,400 in community based government operations. Jobs of those who operated municipal water supply services, for example, were in this sector.
Essential Jobs in food and agriculture employed 28,800, while those in healthcare and public health numbered 10,300.
Notable among sectors of non-essential jobs were 16,000 in leisure and hospitality industries.
Important as leisure and hospitality industries were to the economy of Santa Barbara County in normal times, the 16,000 jobs then were fewer by far than either the 39,000 in federal, state, and local government, or the 24,500 farm jobs.
Online advertising to fill vacant jobs in Santa Barbara County in April highlighted demand for essential workers in healthcare and public health. Registered nurses were sought through 319 ads. Mostly non-essential jobs were in 158 ads for retail salespersons.
Details are online in an economic summary special release on Santa Barbara County from www.labormarketinfo.edd.ca.gov., Los Angeles Coastal Area Office.

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