Your certificate of origin update

Jul 22, 2020
Your certificate of origin update

Your update on certificates of origin


Working with your exporting members has never been more complicated but we are here to help.



Export volume ramping back up with a need for retrospective documents has presented chamber members with unique problems.

The American World Trade Chamber of Commerce has committed to continue helping exporters and our chamber partners through this time. We've seen an increased need in capacity to print at home alongside new need for retrospective certificates of origin. These together are putting pressure on chambers and exporters alike. Our chamber partnership program continues to aid in providing expert service to chamber members around the United States.



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Challenges to process persist for local chambers

With many exporters working remotely getting documentation completed for export has presented extreme challenges. The AWTCC has seen a large increase in registered users and has had several new chambers partner as well. We have committed to continue processing during this time to ensure American's are able to continue exporting.


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Retrospective COs starting to be needed


Due to challenges getting documentation during initial lock-downs, many customs offices allowed exporters to bring in goods without full documentation so long as those documents are provided later. Presently, customs has started calling to collect these retrospective, causing some exporters to need months worth of certificates of origin processed in a short time.

Challenges in Russia


Exporters have reported inconsistent challenges in Russia. To prevent complication, exporters have moved to ensure they are having certificates issued in line with the ICC guidelines and ICC's 809 publication.


Read about Publication 809


Challenges in India

Many exporters have expressed challenges with their retrospective documents in India stating customs has required they use certificates of origin which have unique validation codes against them.


ICC accredited chambers can have their certificates of origin validated by the ICC's certificate of origin verification website.


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The ICC continues to promote and encourage chambers to be familiar with the certificate of origin guidelines. Their International Certificate of Origin Guidelines were recently updated so ensure your chamber is up to date with the current edition!



Find out more on the CO Guidelines



Do you have unique challenges?

We've had many chambers reach out to us with questions and new unique scenarios being presented. We strive to ensure exports continue to move out of the United States and want to aid chambers in any way possible here. For general questions we are eager to help. Reach out via chat or other means via our website!


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