The Wealth of Neighbors

Jan 06, 2015

  You can estimate the relative household wealth of neighbors by looking at total dollars of revenue in their elementary school district per average daily attendance.
  The information potentially is useful to marketers and to fund raisers, and perhaps to social scientists.
   Here are data on the five elementary school districts in the Santa Ynez Valley.
  The five school districts represent at least three levels of funding. College and Ballard districts are at one level, Buellton and Los Olivos are at a second level, and Solvang at a third. College district and Ballard district are enough different in dollars to be at separate levels, if you choose.
  College district represents about 2.5 times the potential wealth of Solvang district. Ballard district represents about 2.1 times that potential, while Buellton and Los Olivos districts average about 1.34 times Solvang district.

  Keep in mind that these ratios describe the districts relative to each other. Median  household incomes here tend to be near the national median or above it. Another worthwhile note is that total revenue per average daily attendance does not necessarily predict educational outcomes for any individual.
  Go online to Santa Barbara County Education Office to see a map of the elementary school districts. On that Website go to Schools and Districts, then to About Our Schools, then to Ed Data, and then to District Reports (more) for Santa Barbara County, to see unaudited financial data by district from the 2012-2013 school year, as of September 10, 2014, or later.

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