A Retailer’s Week, Day by Day

Sep 25, 2015

A Retailer’s Week, Day by Day

Kenneth Harwood
Solvang Chamber of Commerce

Some days seem better than others for retail sales in Solvang. Here are daily averages of an index of dollars of register sales volume of one retailer across the year 2014.
Day Index of Sales Dollars
Saturday 171
Sunday 132
Friday 116
Tuesday 100
Monday 96
Thursday 96
Wednesday 94
Tuesday was the median day, with Saturday, Sunday, and Friday showing larger dollar volumes of sales; and Monday, Thursday, and Wednesday showing smaller volumes of sales.
The leading three days were substantially larger in volume than the other four days. Monday and Thursday tied for next to smallest in sales volume.
Wednesday might have been smallest because Wednesday’s Farmers Market was near this retail store. Some retailers count Tuesday as smallest in sales volume.

Destination marketing organizations recognize the economic importance of attracting visitors to come and stay at less popular times. Supporting the value of mid-week and off-season visits are Solvang Conference and Visitors Bureau, Visit Santa Ynez Valley, and Visit Santa Barbara, among others.
The rainy season ahead will be kindest to retailers like this one if it stays dry on Saturdays, Sundays and Fridays.
Thanks to Max Hanberg of Solvang Shoe Store for the data.

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