Union Pay Credit Card in SOLVANG

Oct 22, 2015

Discover clients can use "UNION PAY" credit cards Open up a world of Revenue opportunities by accepting Union Pay In SOLVANG!

Union Pay is the most popular card brand in China. The overwheling majority of Chinese travelers carry their UnionPay debit and credit cards when they travel abroad.

According to the US Department of Commerce,in year 2014 the aveage amount spent by a touristfrom China is $10,800 per trip.

UnionPay”, which literally means interoperable service of bank card, is a brand co-owned by China bankcard industry.

Ever since the establishment of UnionPay in 2002, the three-color logo of UnionPay brand has appeared on over 4.6 billion pieces of bankcards. UnionPay card can not only be used in China, but also be accepted in 141 countries and regions outside China until November 2010, accompanying the wonderful life of hundreds of millions of cardholders.

The logo of UnionPay brand has the background of parallel arranged design of red, blue and green, setting off the design of the English word “UnionPay” and Chinese character “??”. Three different colors are arranged closely on the card, which means the networking of bankcard and joint development of all parties in the industry. Among these three colors, red symbolizes aggressive; blue symbolizes extensive and deep; green symbolizes safe and highly efficient. The English word “UnionPay” means UnionPay cards can be accepted internationally; the ending character is connected with the upper right side of the Chinese character “??”, which means UnionPay brand will go internationally and gradually develop into an international bankcard brand with significant global influence.  




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