Beacons in Business 8 ways to leverage

Nov 03, 2015

For the past several decades, much of the computer revolution has aimed to link every machine to every other machine in one big harmonic convergence called the Internet. That trend is coming to an end -- at least in the emerging world of what are being called beacons. Instead of trying to reach everyone in the galaxy, beacon builders want to reach only the right people who are within a few meters of their transmitting devices.

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In essence, beacon technology inverts the power of a network, with a more forceful connection to place. In the view of Google, one of the proponents of beacons, it's creating “proximity experiences” or a “strong context signal.”

More buzzwords are sure to come, but at its core, a beacon is a little radio sending out a constantly repeating bag of bits to anyone within earshot, which isn’t very far because the signals are sent out using the Bluetooth Low Energy standard. That should be around 100 meters, but could be much less depending on the signal and any interference that might hamper it.

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