Economic Impact of Santa Barbara's County's Wine and Grapes

Jan 06, 2016
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Number of wineries in Santa Barbara County:  More than 200 Amount of acres of wine grapes grown in Santa Barbara County (2014)²:  21,052      

Average Yield Per Acre (2014)²: 4.37

Average Price Per Ton (2014)²: $1,751         

Economic Value of Wine Grapes in Santa Barbara County (2014) ²: $155,255,791

Economic Impact of Wine in Santa Barbara County (2011)?: $789,000,000

Number of approved American Viticultural Areas (AVA) in Santa Barbara County¹:  5

Number of different wine grape varietals grown in Santa Barbara County:  more than 50

Top wine grape varietals planted in Santa Barbara County (2014)²: Chardonnay - 7,529 acres Pinot Noir - 5,561 acres Syrah - 1,928 acres Sauvignon Blanc - 799 acres Grenache - 484 acres Cabernet Sauvignon - 466 acres Pinot Grigio/Gris - 361 acres Merlot - 313 acres Viognier - 280 acres Cabernet Franc - 205 acres Sangiovese - 127.50 acres Wine is Santa Barbara County's number one finished agricultural product, and the county's wine grape crop is the second most valuable agricultural crop. Geological  landscape:  East-west mountain ranges (transverse) versus the usual north-south orientation of mountain ranges creates a dramatic effect on the climate with many microclimates with Santa Barbara County, conducive to the successful growing of a range of different wine grape varieties.¹ Alcohol and Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau ² Agricultural Production Report 2014, Santa Barbara County     ? Economic Contributions of Santa Barbara County Agriculture 2012, Santa Barbara County          Additional Resources: 2013 Santa Barbara County Agricultural Production Report    2014 California Grape Acreage Report, California Department of Food & Agriculture California Grape Acreage Report, California Department of Food & Agriculture 

Fast Facts of Santa Barbara County Wine Region
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