Plastic Bag Ban in Santa Barbara County Grows

Mar 22, 2016
Ban on plastic bags

Plastic Bag Ban in Santa Barbara County Grows:

On Tuesday, The Santa Barbara County Supervisiors passed an ordinance banning the use of the bags.

Stores would no longer be allowed to distribute single-use bags for free but will offer recycled paper bags instead for .10 cent

A plastic bag ban will be on the books in Santa Barbara County beginning Tuesday. It will require shoppers in the unincorporated areas of the county to bring in their own bags or buy one at the counter. Similar programs are in place in local cities including Carpinteria, Santa Barbara and Ojai

The bag rule is for larger stores now, and smaller stores in September.

The ordinance has an affect mainly on supermarkets and drug stores first. All have been notified. 

Overall it would affect about eight bigger stores and 66 smaller stores in areas including Orcutt, Montecito, Summerland, Santa Ynez and unincorporated areas of the Goleta Valley .

Many customers at the Vons shopping center on Turnpike today already carried their own bags in, and said they were used to doing it from the rules in other areas such as the city of Goleta nearby.

Getting a bag has not been a burden since they are generally given away at many stores during grand opening events or as promotions at non profit fundraisers.

Many customers say they have more than they need at home or in their cars already.

For more information about County's Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags, you may call 805-882-3617

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