Solvang was selected America’s "Best Historic Small Towns"

Apr 29, 2016
"Best Historic Small Towns"
Solvang was selected America’s "Best Historic Small Towns"

Solvang was selected Friday as one of America’s "Best Historic Small Towns" by USA Today readers.

The newspaper's readers were asked to select their favorite historic small town from a list of 20 cities across the country that had populations of 25,000 or less, according to the USA Today website.

Solvang has just over 5,000 residents and placed sixth in the contest, with Bisbee, Arizona, taking the top spot in the category. Voting closed April 25 and winners were announced Friday morning.

“Thanks to everyone who voted and shared your enthusiasm for Solvang,” said Laura Kath, media relations director for the Solvang Conference & Visitors Bureau in a statement. “Considering that we started the contest ranked No. 20, it is very positive that Solvang rose to No. 6 in the (nation) against some formidable nationwide competition.” 

All 20 nominees were also considered fun and affordable places where visitors and locals alike can delve into the nation's past, according to the website. 

A contest description for Solvang noted it was founded in 1911 by Danish-Americans and is now a "thriving hub of Scandinavian architecture and culture."

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