Gender and Sexual Diversity in the Workplace Training Cal Chambers

Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Gender and Sexual Diversity in the Workplace Training

About this Event

cost $35.00

three zoom webinars

time  9:00am

time  11:30am 

time 2:00pm

In challenging times like these, building diverse and inclusive workplaces is more important than ever. With more than 1.4 million Transgender adults in the US, employers need to create a culture where gender diverse people can succeed and thrive in the workplace.

As a CalChamber member, we invite you to attend this interactive and thought-provoking Zoom event presented by Los Angeles-based Trans Can Work (TCW).

Join TCW for a dynamic presentation that will address new perceptions and critical information relating to the changing workforce, inclusive cultures, and workplace rights for gender-diverse populations.

It isn’t simply about creating inclusive policies, changing internal information systems, or including pronouns in email signatures. It’s about understanding how gender is approached across the entire company. Future employees will welcome the opportunity to work for a company where people are empowered to show up as their full and authentic selves.

In addition to learning how to implement a gender-affirming and inclusive workplace, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of:

• The spectrum of gender and sexuality—perceptions and realities

• Trans identities and what HR needs to know about transitioning in the workplace

• Pronouns and inclusive language

• Takeaways and best practices for inclusion, followed by a Q&A


zoom webinar