Arts and Cultural Planning Opportunity

Monday, March 11, 2019 at 12:00 PM to Saturday, March 16, 2019 to 11:00 PM
 Arts and Cultural Planning Opportunity

Help Create a County- wide Cultural Masterplan!

The Wildling has been a member of the Santa Barbara County Creative Communities Project for several years now. The Creative Communities Project is made up of a broad group of leaders in arts and culture from around the Santa Barbara County, joined together around a common goal: working together to sustain and grow the cultural vitality of Santa Barbara County. We are now in our last phase of the project and we are inviting residents of the County to help us create the final Masterplan! 

How You Can Participate!

Visioning sessions are coming soon to Buellton and Santa Maria!

You are invited to pick one of the available three- hour visioning sessions via Eventbrite. Buellton has three date offerings: MArch 14, 15 and 16 (click HERE to register for a Buellton session). Santa Maria's session will be March 11th (click HERE to register). These facilitated sessions are exciting, dynamic and collaborative opportunities to include your ideas for the future Santa Barbara County Cultural Arts Master Plan. These are not your typical public brainstorming sessions-- a random popcorning of ideas, one or two people dominating the conversation and hidden agendas that can undermine a collective impact. Empathy, thoughtfullness, respect and an environment of trust 'where every voice is captured and valued' is immediate and consistent through the entire visioning session. You will leave the session jubilant and ready for the next steps.

We hope you will participate and share your ideas and vision for the future of culture and arts in Santa Barbara County!  Click HERE if you'd like to join the fun.

The Impact of the Arts in the County

Many local institutions, encouraged in part by the Santa Barbara County of Arts and Culture, participated in a national survey by Americans for the Arts to analyze the economic impact that the arts have on their communities. The report, which reflects 2015 numbers, is astounding! Total arts/ cultural industry expeditures were just under $200,000,000! Yes, those are the correct number of zeros. Click HERE to review a two-page summary. Not only do organizations like the Wildling add to quality of life in our community by offering wonderful programs for a wide range of audiences, we bring significant economic activity as well.  And collectively--wow!

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