Economic Development

The Solvang Chamber of Commerce is working closely with the City of Solvang to implement Solvang's Economic Development Strategic Plan.

EDCP Background 

On June 11, 2012 the City Council approved the Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) for the City of Solvang.   The EDSP has a five year implementation schedule for projects and procedural improvements to enhance and support the community's existing businesses and to attract new businesses.

Here is the list of Year 1 Initiatives

  • Permit greater flexibility in architectural design and other standards in the current Tourist Related Commercial District (TRC)
  • Improve adequacy of street lighting
  • Install directional signage at entries to VIlliage
  • Provide temporary closure of Village black defined in Tivoli Square Plan
  • Pursue development of a conference center, possibly in the location of the existing Veteran's Memborial Hall.
  • Create a new "Business Packet" for new businesses
  • Provide applications with clear and complete instructions for permit process
  • Give counter staff ability to help applicants minimize multiple fee costs
  • Improve communication with business and real estate communities
  • Explore feasibility of hiring an "in house" plan checker
  • Establish Economic Development Partnership
  • Publish economic and demographic of Solvang
  • Develop a dedicated Economic development page on the City's web site
  • Support the development and promotion of worksho[s and conferences for local businesses
  • Provide a venue for delivery of technical services to small businesses
  • Encourage commercial landlords and brokers to list details of available property on Economic Development website page
  • Consider updating or revising City's logo
  • Form a taskforce of stakeholders to clearly define and oversee the process
  • Retain the services of a tenant mix expert for retail, IT, medical, etc.
  • Develop a marketing plan

    For more information: visit the City of Solvang website