Santa Barbara Soaring

Santa Barbara Soaring

Santa Barbara Soaring 

for more than 50 years soaring fans from around the world have reached for the skies above the Santa Ynez/Santa Barbara area.  The Santa Ynez Gliderport has served thousands of people with more than 10,000 flights and enjoys a perfect safety record. 

Surrounded by the Coastal and San Rafael Mountain Range with Ocean, Lake, Valley and Island views, gliding on the Central Coast is breathtaking.  Year round soaring offers a variety of lift from thermals to wave. 

Come see one of the longest running and most desirable sailplane operations on the West Coast and experience the magical feeling of silent flight.

Climb the Coastal Mountain range up to 3,600 feet above sea level and soar with the birds! You'll see the Reagan Ranch, the Pacific Ocean, part of the Channel Islands, along with the entire Santa Ynez Valley.  Flight is approximately 15-20 minutes.

$230 (Single Passenger)

$304 (Two Passengers

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