Forage Florals

Forage Florals

Forage Florals 

Owner, Jill Redman opened Forage Florals in 2014 After a long career in jewelry design and manufacturing.  Forage Florals is a sustainable floral design studio based in the beautiful Santa Barbara, California.  AT FORAGE we look toWARDS nature and the changing of the seasons to inform our designs.   We work closely with the nations specialty flower farmers and pledge to stay domestic with all of our Floral purchases whenever possible.


California's native flora and other unique blooms from our own cutting gardens will always find their way into our designs keeping things truly unique and unexpected. 

Our Beautiful Studio is located in the rolling hills of beautiful Santa Ynez, CAlifornia. 1095 Meadowvale Road, Suite I.

At Forage Florals we pride ourselves in our professionalism and artistry. 

Each bloom is intentionally placed.

We love our work and Take pride in each design. We also are proud to be a part of the fabulous professional Chapel Designers.  

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