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Santa Barbara Foundation
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Santa Maria, Ca 93455

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To every day use every tool at our disposal to facilitate the building of philanthropy, strengthen the nonprofit sector, and identify and strategically address important community opportunities and needs.

Our History

Santa Barbara Foundation Founder Max Fleischmann

The Santa Barbara Foundation was established in 1928 by Max Fleischmann and a forward thinking group who wanted to enrich the lives of people from Santa Maria to Carpinteria.

For more than eight decades, the Santa Barbara Foundation has been at the center of civic activity, a vibrant expression of its engaged citizenry, a solver of problems, a partner in philanthropy, and a critical supporter of community organizations and efforts.

There is hardly a nonprofit organization or essential community project that has not benefited from the work of the Santa Barbara Foundation.

As we have grown, our goals have remained the same - turning community dollars into community change. Today, thanks to the unwavering generosity of our community, our assets have grown to exceed $300 million and we are the largest grantmaker in our county.

The Santa Barbara Foundation is a valuable resource for professional advisors like you as well as a partner for your clients because we can help your clients maximize their tax benefits while supporting the issues and organizations they care about most.

The Foundation Offers:

  • Gift planning to help your clients create legacies
  • Options for family philanthropy
  • Extensive knowledge of current community needs
  • Administrative support to simplify giving
  • Strategic philanthropic planning resources and consulting
  • Collective giving and learning opportunities

The Santa Barbara Foundation provides many simple, convenient, and flexible ways to make a positive difference in the community, now and far into the future. To ease your conversations with your clients, suggest they use our online wills planner before your next appointment. Be prepared with illustrations to explore the best planned giving options.

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