Helen Sanderson Associates

What matters to us

Our vision

We see a world in which all people are valued and appreciated as individuals, a world where everyone can thrive.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to work with people, teams and communities to envision ways in which everyone can thrive, and equip them with practical knowledge, skills and tools to make it happen.

Our values

Warmth: We build relationships through heartfelt kindness, friendly interactions, and comfortable conversations. Our connections with people evoke ease and comfort where all feel safe and have trust. It’s like a comfortable sweater, it feels good, it just feels right.

Confidence: We connect with people to arrive at a shared sense of purpose and understanding. We trust so much in person-centered approaches and in the nature of the work we do that we know we can help you move forward. We won’t leave you high and dry, we will be with you as you learn, discover and grow your own confidence, and through that process you will gain what you need to continue. You got this; you won’t need us forever.

Generosity: We take time to listen and be in the moment. Giving of our time and resources, we believe that abundant sharing opens up possibilities of a better future for all. We truly want to help people and organizations get better, to live their lives and deliver their purpose in ways that make sense for them.

Innovation: We use creative approaches to engage people and communicate ideas. While keeping things simple we are drawn to being intentional, brave and bold as we take risks and learn continuously. We welcome your partnership to test out new possibilities with us and will support you to explore your own creativity. As Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Delight: We love what we do and find great joy in our work. We have fun together and find pleasure in sharing personalities and passions that spark happiness and wellbeing. We will invite you to do the same as we work alongside you.

Our values show up in our foundational beliefs

We believe every person has the right and the ability to move in the direction of their dreams and understand that we all need support from time to time to get there.

We believe that people, organizations and communities are always evolving and, on every journey, there is room for learning, growth, and trying new approaches. Even in challenging times a sense of hope keeps us confident there is a way forward.

We believe that a full array of input from multiple perspectives leads to remarkable solutions; we are better together.

We believe in relationships and human connection and know that when we focus on these, and on the things that matter most to each person, beautiful things are made possible.  

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