KopSun founder Tina Fanucchi-Frontado is one of the bold women at the forefront of the cannabis movement in California. We describe her as nurturing and affectionate, as well as strong and smart. She also is an unyielding proponent of cannabis.

And here’s a little bit why: Tina lost her brother to AIDS in 1994, her mother to cancer in 2006, and her father in 2016. She was a lead caregiver in all three transitions. When her father’s sleep and anti-anxiety medications were making him miserable, she started dosing him with medical marijuana edibles. (He called it “the pot.”) Not surprisingly, relief came without all the sickening side effects of the pharmaceuticals.  

That’s what set KopSun in motion.

“Those of us who have cared for family will go to hell and back to find the best treatment. We spend days and weeks and months going to doctor appointments and wanting nothing more than to provide comfort. I found it infuriating when we finally tried medicinal marijuana that it was some alternative, taboo treatment. It should have been the first choice!” – Tina, our founder.

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